پخش زنده جام جهانی
شنبه 3 تیر‌ماه سال 1385 ساعت 09:11 ب.ظ

Dear Dr.Farajpahlou:


Thanks for your special concern to LIS posts,your outstanding idea is obvious to all of us for sure.

According to your statement, I do agree with your idea on global surveillance .New technologies brought us a new unsecure enviorment. It's obvious that "internet administrators" offer information in exchange for retrivaling clients' information behaviar because they are marketing with internet.Their aim is something else(business)!Using a simple software as "Zone Alarm", you can find out what will be happend between your pc and server after connecting to internet (See the exchanging of information) so you will find that the whole internet is unsafe!

As for online word processor,clients use it via their privacy and their specific accounts similar to what they do with their email account, daily. I am sure that you have heard that allmost all of those giant companies (such as google and yahoo) even keep your deleted emails for their records ;see, no one can hide from their smart eyes specially when they are using permanent IP in other countries.

On the whole, At the moment most clients are concerning to the positive side of new technologies and the administrators of internet are trying for improving their services alterning to thin client, server-side applications and open source software, thus they can offer services with more facilities so do retrival users' information.It depends to us choosing modern technology or privacy(But according to above,there is no privacy via internet because the new concept is making a common environoment and the general goal is sharing information with each other)



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